What is a troubled Teen?

A 'troubled teen' is a term used for a youth that is having problems which are causing negative 
behaviors and if these problems continue to affect the teen, he/she will not develop into a happy 
successful adult. These problems are beyond the normal issues that all adolescents face or they 
could be the inability to deal with the normal issues teenagers face. They can be anything from 
the teen’s environment like abusive relationships, poor peer groups or unsafe neighborhoods to 
physical and mental health issues.. 

Warning Signs of Troubled Teens

Teens can all show these signs at different times, it’s when there are more than six of these 
warning signs for an extended period of time that you will know you are dealing with a troubled 
teenager. The warning signs are:
• dropping grades; 
• extreme mood swings that do not fit the situation; 
• volatile temper and/or intense sadness; 
• loss of interest in activities; 
• a sudden change in peers and/or avoids positive friendships; 
• deliberately trying not to fit in with peers; 
• becomes secretive; 
• fails to comply with rules and limits; 
• feels the need to avoid all consequences for misbehavior and turns to lying; 
• teen begins to experiment with alcohol and drugs; 
• finds humor in others distress; 
• attitude is more surly and defiant; 
• openly displays rebellion; 
• and spending too much time alone or sleeping.

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Being a teenager today is a lot different than when we were kids.
The social and academic pressures are different. Drugs, alcohol, sex and gangs, are today’s 
For some kids these pressures become too great. That’s where Action can help. Action is the parent and teen support program that families depend on 
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