Action Teen Testimonials

Action Teen Testimonials:
“ACTION is helping the City of Santa Clarita by teaching us how we can be more 
responsible and respecting people. They are helping us by teaching us right from wrong. 
My parents are learning the same thing and they learn how to raise us better. I have 
stopped using drugs and so have my mom and dad.” 17- year old ACTION Girl. 
“ACTION is helping me to do what I need to do to complete my probation. I need 10 
signatures/10 weeks attendance that I have gone to some kind drug counseling. ACTION is 
really cool because I can get these for free.” ACTION Teen Boy. 
“ACTION was a good experience and it has changed me by quitting drugs and choosing 
to be sober for life. It is an amazing program, the staff are very encouraging and ACTION 
counselors should get a raise.” 18-year old ACTION Girl.
“This program has helped my family in many ways. It has helped us become a more united 
family instead of a dysfunctional, pulled apart family. I feel as if my parents are learning 
a lot from their program. They have treated me better and learned how to talk to me and 
calm me down when I got problems. I think this place is a good place for troubled youth 
and troubled family. I high recommend this group to teenagers or families that have 
problems. Solutions come from these families.” 17-year old ACTION Boy.” 
“I want to thank all of the ACTION program staff. They helped me realize that my life is 
worth much more. They helped me become a drug-free person. They helped me become a 
better student. I want to thank Counselor Joseph especially. I remember me talking about 
my marijuana addiction. He told me “I’m always going to be there for all of you, especially
when you fall. He said that he is going to pick us up and dust our knees off and set us back 
on the right road.” That meant a lot to me because it showed me that he is really here to 
help every single one of us. I am glad there is a program like ACTION because it really
helped me and I’m pretty sure it helps others.” ACTION Teen Girl.

With drug and alcohol residential treatment locations in Santa Clarita, Piru, and Bakersfield; Intensive Drug and Alcohol Outpatient in Santa Clarita and Bakersfield, Action Family Counseling is here to help you.

For information regarding admission, intake, and services please call Action Family Counseling at (800) 367-8336 or visit

Being a teenager today is a lot different than when we were kids.
The social and academic pressures are different. Drugs, alcohol, sex and gangs, are today’s 
For some kids these pressures become too great. That’s where Action can help. Action is the parent and teen support program that families depend on 
to help when the stress becomes too much for your teen. 
If you are having trouble with your teen call (800) 367-8336